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    ADA Heads

    Hey guys I'm rebuilding my 2000 XP 951 soon and have a few new parts for the build. so far I have a Hot Rods crank going in, and wanted some input on some other upgrades. Looking into an ADA head says 165psi with 91 octane, maybe some after market carbs? what mods are worth the money? I'm not looking to have a racer I just want it to have a shit ton of power out of the hole for messin around, Thanks!!

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    Honestly the best thing to do is put the thing back together full stock. Make sure you get it broke in and it runs right like it should to it's full potentional. Then add one of the parts only. get it tunned in and get the most out of that part and this eliminates the potential for tunning problems and having a ski not run right due to bogus parts and multiple added. After one part is on and runs right and a gain has happened from the part then add the next.

    To many times people rebuild there ski's add a few things and have trouble tunning it then once tunned doesnt really run that strong and ends up being only slightly better or if not worse then stock.

    Hope this helps.

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    Jonny' right but the most common and biggest bang for the buck on th e951 (read bens mods) is to let the engine breath better. Prok/outerwares/jet kit and a shaved stock head would give you a nice improvement. The reason many like the stock head is thre is always a chance an o-ring can fail. Read Bens in full its very informative.

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