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    got a bad day for my skii... i think i need to pull my carbs and needs cleaning..

    i came from the beach today... and guess what, don't have middle throttle and high throttle, good idle no problem, starts fine... no matter how i tried to turn the speed screws, won't help, its like a fuel starvation, its like the need valves stuck up and won't open, sometimes, skii will rev up, but after awhile, it bugs and stays at the idle, or it will die if you force it at middle throttle, after i pull the plugs, i got a bad white color plug on my mag cylinder, white means, overheat, no gas.. will remove the carbs tomorrow, to check the mag carb... =(

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    opened the carburetor, and cent carb needle valve, stuck up =( cleaning on the process...

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    1996 SLX 780

    Main jet #110
    Slow jet #67.5

    Hi sped scew M=1 1/8 C=7/8 P=1 1/4
    low speed screw 1 3/8
    idle speed in water 1250-1300 RPM
    Needle/seat pop off 20-24 psi

    got this from other thread, is the the settings of my carb? is 1996 and 1995 same carb settings? slx780?

    i got a 105 main jets... =(

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    1995 SLX 780

    main jet 105

    pilot jet 72.5

    high speed screw 7/8M 3/4C 1 1/8P

    low speed screw 1/2

    idle 1250 RPM in water

    Pop off pressure 10-18 psi

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    ok, the settings are right,.., skii runs good more response... =) thanks xlint, now i know what is the other problem, why when i tried to start my skii, sometimes it won't start, iv been observing the fuel from the tank, and when the engine is off, the gas will return to the tank, hmmm.... leaking somewhere.... will check tomorrow...

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    i set my pop off to 12psi... more response yeahhh... =)

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    should the gas holds on the fuel lines even how many hours of engine standby?

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Can't understand what you're asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post

    Can't understand what you're asking.
    i think he wants to no if the ski is off will the fuel lines stay full

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    sorry if you cant understand... let me re-phrase.. =) gas from the tank, i can see it from the transparent hose going thru my fuel-water separator---> pump -->>> carburetor,... and i have observed that the fuel from tank to water separator is slowly going back to the tank,causing hard start, or won't start.. when i shut-off the engine... is this normal? or it should hold the fuel even of how many hours not running?

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