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    Lean or Rich Symptom???

    1999 GTX Limited 951 motor. Just rebuilt carbs cleaned out entire fuel system replaced grey lines. I have both carbs set at Low out 11/2 High 1/8th out (piston wash looked a little lean). Pulled the RAVE's out and cleaned them. Installed new spark plugs.

    What I have, is a little stumble from idle if I try a slow easy acceleration. It is not a bog but more like a fouled plug kind of feel for the first 1000 rpm. After that it has great throttle response and very smooth acceleration. I rarely ever take off that slow, but the stumble is there and I'd like to cure it if possible.

    Should I open the Lows an 1/8-1/4 or lean em out an 1/8th???

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    Always turn the fuel up then turn down as needed. Start rich till it really bogs then take fuel out till it cleans up.

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