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    Polaris 750sl bogging and parting out or not?

    I have a two questions ... both about 1995 Polaris SL750's

    I bought one and it worked fine for two outings until someone flipped it over. We towed it to a beach and drained the water ... really not much maybe 4 inches. I then started it after some difficulty and it ran fine for 5 minutes or so then it bogged down and we limped it back to the dock using the choke and restarting repeatedly. I have since pulled the cover and screen from the carbs and dried it out. Took it out again and cannot keep it running. Any thoughts on what to look for first?
    The other ski has never run right. Starts ok but even with choking it wil cut out with very little throttle. What to look for?

    I know I'm probably bothering you with simple questions that have been addressed a thousand time before but I don't want to pursue the wrong path(s) too many times.

    I have a total of 5 Polaris skis:
    (3) 1995 SL750's ... one works fine! (two on a tandem trailer ansd 1 on a single)
    (1) 1994 SL750 ... non-working ... no title ... parts ski (on a single junky trailer)
    (1) 1996 SL750 ... non-working ... no title ... parts ski (no trailer)

    I want to get a pair of the 1995's running then sell the other one. I then want to unload the rest. Any thoughts if the other skis are worth more partially intact or sell for parts?

    Any help is apprecaited! THANKS

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    First check for water in the fuel tank and water seperator.

    Next check for water inside the elec box.

    Go through the carbs and inspect them.

    Finally check the crank for proper index. (do a search for crank index)

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