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    New guy with bad vibration/poor performance question

    Howdy all,

    I have an 02' speedster and have some issues that perhaps can be cleared up with help from this forum.

    We've visited two lakes within the last two months that have some "weedy" parts to them. It seems like after I've gone through these parts and back onto the main lake that is clean and clear that I get horrible vibrations and a boat that does not want to get up on plane. We use the weedless lever a few times, reverse and try to clear out the junk, but even sometimes after that the boat will take a while to regain its performance. We will have to slowly accelerate until the boat will finally get back up on plane. But once we do it will take off normal after that.

    Perhaps I'm just being paranoid and maybe its the weeds, but it doesn't seem like it should take that long to regain performance. Is it possible that there is another issue that is creeping up on me, i.e. bad plugs, intake, impeller, etc. Or does the boat just need to rid itself of weeds?

    Just FYI, once this problem goes away, I can pull a wakeboarder even with 600 pounds worth of people in the boat, and we can generally still do 42-45 mph.


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    It sounds like you are fine weeds can easily get caught up in the intake and performance will definitley suffer. If possible when you have to go through weeds make sure you are going fast and they sould get diced and sliced easily.

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