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    Sl 900 kicks into overdrive only sometimes?

    Just got the 900 going after stator update and new top end. Sometimes it kicks into overdrive and is sooo fast, but most of the time you give it full throttle and it just revs up like normal. When that powerband or whatever kicks in, its like a whole new machine. What causes that to kick in, and how do I adjust it? Thanks so much!

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    Are you talking about jumping out of the hole from stopped?

    Sounds like the accelerator pump may only be working part of the time?

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    Going full speed it kicks in 50% of the time, and will go really fast. Out of the hole it never kicks in. Isnt there a accelerator pump on each carb, are all three not working?

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    No. There's a single accel pump that feeds all three carbs only on the initial throttle pull to get you out of the hole.

    If you problem is when your already at speed, I suspect you have other carb problems. Possibly partially clogged jets. When was the last time the carbs were torn down and/or rebuilt?

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    I just had the rebuilt. I adjusted the throttle cable. It had a little slack, maybe that will correct the problem. I takes off good, just doesnt hit the powerband.

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