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    Fizzle 4'' Intake and catch can?

    I have ordered these items over 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know the story on when they are going to be ready? Its getting near end of season where I live. Does the 4'' intake make a difference top end? what would you say one gives you mph wise? I have an 08 rxp x with the r&d grate thats it. Im running 7920 rpms 71 degrees???

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    You'll see improved throttle response and a bit more on top.

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    You should get beyong the 8000 mark and add 1mph or more.

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    Th intake will give you some more rpm. And dont worry about the time, you will be happy with whats inside the box! James will get them to you.

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    Have you tried shooting JfizzleJr a PM? He has always got back to me quick whenever I have.

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    I ordered the fizzle intake about three weeks ago. Delivered in TWO days! I made a homemade catch can...

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    Thanks for the response guys! Maybe I will PM Fizzle jr!

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