I Have a 2001 Superjet That im in the process of building, and have a few questions. I plan on using the ski for surf/freestyle/and just fun ridding and looking for strong bottom to mid-range power, and decent top. (fuel usage is not an issue, looking for power)

(1) What Carbs would you guys recommend? I have a set of 38mm's and a set of 44mm's

(2) And what would be a good starting point, as far as jets? I know it will have to be tuned once in the water, but tryin to get an idea where to start?

Here are the motor specs:

62t bottom end, 62t cylinder re-sleeved big-bore 84.5mm
Hot Rods crank
pro-x pistons
MSD Enhancer Ign.
R&D head 30cc domes
stock intake w/carbon reeds
factory b-pipe

Thanks for any help you guys can give.