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Thread: Need help guys!

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    Need help guys!

    Hey guys I need some help I got an 2009 rxpx and today I was out on the lake and hit a massive wave hapen to sub the mehine a good 3 feet, when I came back up everything seemed ok till I started to follow my buddie through my throttle I kinda felt some grinding/shaking I stopped took a look inside the engine bay was filled with water about 1/4 to 1/2 way, I then took it back to my dock lifted it put of the water drained the water out that was boiling, everything seems on now but I want to make sure I didn't happen to suck in any water what should I do now or best way to check.

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    Sounds like a broken engine mount to me, but I'm only taking a guess on the information you provided.

    Grinding = wear ring / carbon seal wearing down
    shaking = motor moving
    water filling = carbon seal leak.

    I'd be pretty sure all 3 are connected to a broken motor mount.

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