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    99 Ultra 150 f/s Ohio + some go fast stuff

    I am selling my 99 Ultra 150 due to needing something bigger to haul the kids around

    Ski is in Good condition (does have some scratches on it) & has about 125hrs on the clock. Everything works on the ski except for the fuel gauge (I have another one, just haven't installed it) & it could use new mats since the front 2 are gone.

    Includes Ski, single ski trailer & cover $2750 obo

    When/if it does sell I will have tripple pipes, buckshot 50's, ingition eCU, shredmaster plate, extended nozzel, BH sponsons & intake grate f/s however I will not sell them until after the ski sells. The ski is & always has been stock & I never installed any of it on the ski.

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    How much for the Buckshots?

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    To be honest, not really sure what they are worth. I paid $800 for them just before the economy went into the crapper, hopeing to get maybe $550 out of them? I will sell the carbs & tripples before selling the ski

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    How much for triples and ECU? Are they coffman, factory pipe?

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