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    02 RXDI wont turn on

    Was riding this weekend and the ski beeped at me and said maint. so I shut it off took the lanyard off the post put it back on and nothing happens, no prime no guages no beeps no nothing. The battery is fully charged and works to start my other ski. I put the key on my other ski and got one long beep so i don't think it is the key. Tried to see if there was any loose wires and didn't see any. I did manage to get it to start once but shut off after about ten seconds, no beeps no maint light just shut down. Engine sounded fine when I got it going again. I think it is something electrical but there are a ton of wires in there any ideas?

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    this happened to another member, his motor was toast!

    pull head check cyls

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    I hope that isn't the case I just put this engine in like a month ago. A remaned from SBT. My only problem is it says in the paperwork that the warranty is void if I pull the heads. Don't really wanna send it back if there is nothing wrong either.

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    The engine looks good any other suggestions?

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