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    2004 GP1300R waveeater clips (are they needed?)

    Well after days of seaching I still do not know if wave eater clpis are needed on my machine. I have found a bulletin for the 2003 models that Yamaha put out for this fix. It does not talk about the 2004-1300R. If they knew about this 2003 then did they upgrade the 2004's and that they are no longer needed for the 2004's? Has anyone had a failure with these on an 04? Any help would be great. Thanks Myles

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    Read post #17 in this link....


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    Ok, I guess Yamaha didn't fix their problems with the 2004's. So now I have one last question. I install the clips do I also install the couplers? Does anyone have some pictures of a bad one falling out compared to a good one side by side so I know what to look for? I will be installing them reguardless.

    I felt I read it all but, there is so much on here. It help when someone remembers different things as they pass through. Thanks for the find Bill. Myles

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    If your ski has powervalves then put the waveeater clips in there. Not worth risking one of those pins falling out and blowing a cylinder.

    I have them in my 04

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    buy them. i was going to do it this winter, 3 weeks before winter my ski dropped a power valve and has me doing a rebuild. i bought it, put 12 hours on it, and here i am all torn apart. buy waveeater clips. as soon as you possibly can.

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    Ok, thanks fellas I am trying to order these clips now and I can't find where to order them. I can find them for the 800 but, nothing is listed under the 1300 section for these clips. I tried the website and I get an error message. I would hate to ask for even more help but, I have no choice. And what about couplers, do I need them to. Thanks Myles

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    I cant get the link to post, but they are in the GH store

    just type waveeater in the product search

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