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    1991 WR LX Bouncy Ride -- Is It Normal?

    Hey... noob question here... I have a 1991 Yamaha WaveRunner LX 650. At full speed, it gets to bouncing incessantly... even in still water. The front end bounces up and smacks the water over and over. Is that just the way they are? Or is there any sort of adjustment that I can do to address it? It gets kinda annoying and hurts the top speed. Thanks!

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    take off the ride plate there are 6 bolts 3 per side .... get yourself some 1/4 stainless washers 16 total with as close a thickness to each other as possible)

    on the front two bolts do not add washer.. on the next two back, add 3 washers each .. then on the last two add 5 washers to each along with new longer rearmost bolts taking into account the thickness of the stacks you added.....experiment with the stack thickness total and you will find this fixes the prob inherent to a flat bottom wr's and lx's

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