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    2001 Genisis, No spark, and bilge pump won't run.

    Just bought a pair of 2001 Genisis from wife's cousin.
    One runs fine but the other won't start. Cranks fine, but no spark and the bilge pump doesn't work. Cousin said it she was riding it and it ran out of gas and only needed gas, then said that brother in-law just installed new batteries. Everything looks hooked up properly, according the the other ski. Tried new plugs, checked all fuses, made sure lanyard switch was good.
    Problem is there is no one in Las Vegas that has the diagnostic equipment to work on it, even the authorized dealers. They ALL say I need to take to to Lake Havasu City AZ. Thats about 2 1/2 hours away, 148 miles (one way), and I don't want to drive all the way there and back and find out it is something easily repaired, or have to leave it and return again to pick it up.

    Here are the facts:
    38 hours total (the one that runs has 10 hours)
    3 cylinder (red)
    Direct Injection
    New Plugs
    Swapped the battery with the one that runs already.
    Checked both 75 amp fuses
    Checked the other 2 fuses in the control box.
    Bilge pump has continuity, just no power.

    Any help would be great!
    Thanks in advance!
    Display panel works

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    BOTH machines are fuel injected Genesis i?

    If you have a matched pair of Genesis there, unplug and move the EMM module from the working machine to the problem machine. If it now starts and runs, send the 'bad' EMM out for repair.

    Lots more info can be found in my signature links, under Ficht

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    Thanks for the welcome!
    Both are fuel injected, and are identical. These are our first machines, so what is the EMM and where is it? Sorry!

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