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    Need a little help

    Well the wife and I purchased 2 1995 Polaris Sl750 3 years ago just to see if we liked wave runners, well we always had boats because we are water people and we love it, well now I am tired of wrenching on them every time I turn around and I am looking at some thing allot newer...

    I am going to stop at a couple of dealers on my way to work to see what they have in there show room.. The thing is here in Michigan the economy is not all that good so normally I can find new boats/ wave runners two years old and brand new on the lot and I get allot better deal buying this way and it just about the end of season here..

    Here is a few things what I like in a jet ski, would like it to go at least 55 to 60mph, I know allot of the newer jet skis seem so big compared to my Polaris skis.. I like the feeling of a ski not to be to big so it does not feel like I am riding on a boat you know what I mean.. Maybe the option to pull a tub or skier, or would it just be better to buy a new 2011 VX I have no idea so if you all have any suggestions on what to buy and what not to buy let me hear them I appreciate the input ... Cya Slick

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    I do want a 4 stroke as well..

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    Well, you may have a look at the FX HO (it's the non supercharged model). It a nice, confy and reliable ski, 4 strokes, 1812cc engine and is within the 60 mph range. If you ride in chop/sea, the FX HO may be a better choice than the vx, as it will handle much better. However the fX HO is bigger than the Vx, but I think you'll like it.

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    thanks for your feedback, I am going to stop check them out today..

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    Yep--FX HO would be great. A friend has one (believe '05?) and it runs smooth as silk.

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