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    vts elimination???

    I have a 95 xp and I mainly use it for jumpin...soo I wanna remove the vts system....any1 kno best way of doin this...I seen of people using the hx manual nozzle....but wat would I do bout the hole thru the hull?

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    Why would you want to do this? Just set it in one position and don't touch it.

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    Unless there is a good(performance) reason to remove it that I don't know about.
    Weight savings from removing it should be negligible ...

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    +1 Just like that one pitchman says "set it and forget it"

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    You can fill the hole with a rubber freeze plug from the auto parts store.

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    Soo has any1 fabbed up there own manual setup?....I really jus wanna eliminate everything for the vts....

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    Just a suggestion... If you couldn't find an HX nozzle, you can buy the parts from Doug Russell marine online. I'm not 100% sure if it would work, but I think you could just buy the parts you need for $50 or so.

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    i agree with most of the above posts, serves no purpose to remove it, set it where you want, and forget about it. you won't save but a pound or two tops, I can't imagine any change in performance no more than not drinking or eating before you ride. You'll get more weight loss by burning up a pint of gas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbuhles View Post
    Soo has any1 fabbed up there own manual setup?....I really jus wanna eliminate everything for the vts....
    Set-it-forget-it didn't work for me. My controler/module went bad and would drop the vts rod.

    I had to set it at 3/4 up, open the case, and pull the plug to the vts motor. Reverse this to change settings.

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