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Thread: Nikasil coating

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    Nikasil coating

    I have a XL1200 I'm going to rebuild I have one cylinder that I need to replace and my question is I see a few small scaring marks on the other two they are pretty light. One scratch is a little deeper can I re-ring and use with this scaring or will they fail? I ran my oring pick across them I can hardly tell and they are not verry long mabe 3/4 inch the one that is a little deeper I can tell when I run my oring pick across it is about 3/4" long. Does this nikasil flake off? How does it hold up? Another question It is my #3 cylinder that is bad can I find a used cylinder off #1 or #2 and just replace the PV shaft so it will fit? If anyone has a good used cylinder,piston and power valve to sell I would be interested. Thanks

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    yes all three are interchangeable. Just swap out your PV shaft

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    nikasil can flake .are scratches below ports if so better chance not to snag a ring its risky

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