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    1996 SLT 780 Low Power Then it Skips and Works its Way Out

    My SLT 780 has little power when first started, reminds me of when my SLTX melted a piston. After a brief period it has short blips of better power. It then skips form power to little power. After a few minutes it will start to run pretty well. If I slow down for a bit it will take a bit to get its power back. Any ideas?? Thanks

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    fuel problem... lack of fuel... try closing slowly your choke plates if it will response, if it will, its a lack of fuel...

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    I tried adding choke but it did not seem to help. Any other ideas? Thanks

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    Sounds like it's loading up.

    Check your carb settings and set them to stock if you have no mods.

    Check the carbs for fuel dripping out of the throats when at idle (bad needle/seat)

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