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    1994 xp ignition

    does it matter which wire goes on which spark plug,? i dont think it does because its only one coil with 2 plug wires coming out with only one signal wire going to it, i believe both wires spark together not seperate like a car or a new ski. ??
    thanks, it doesnt run different either way as far as i can tell

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    i ran a ski like that by accident and did not notice a difference.

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    It shouldn't matter.

    Both plugs fire at the same time (every 180 deg) - which makes it a wasted spark system ... meaning every time the ignition system triggers a spark(s), one of the two sparks fired is wasted.

    That said, unless both wires are the same length, I would run the longer wire to the PTO cylinder ... Just for neatness sake.

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    thanks for the help thats what i was thinking they sparked together. i just put new wires on it and didnt know for sure.

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