ok so im running out of ideas here and need some more info. i have a 1997 Polaris Hurricane 700. i bought it about 5 6 yrs ago from a guy who bought it new but let it sit for awhile. so i spent about $600 to have the carbs rebuilt. and have been running it since however the ski never performed up to snuff. and here is where i am now, it has about 93hrs on it with about 125 - 130 psi in each cylinder. the carbs look clean pop offs work well. always run premium fuel new plugs clean filters all the stupid stuff you can think of. my problem is though terrible bog in the bottom, loads up terrible. when going from cruise to idle you start at about 1800 1900rpm and go down from there to about 1000rpm then when coming back out BOG! the other funny thing is when idling if you lean to the left instant almost die bog. runs great on top and when boat is flat start doing twisties and pretty much dies. 90% of the work done was by a certified polaris tech. oh, one other thing checked the reads they looked ok, not perfect flat but not broken. my tech had a brand new set of reeds from a 600HO sled that were identicle to the ones from my hurricane, tried that not alot of difference. so any help would be great. i have been fighting this for years and im done! i want to fix this beauty