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    Honda 2006 two seater turbo vs Yamaha

    I can get a 2006 Honda two seater with 6 hours or a 2006 Yamaha gp1300R with low hours. both are same price.
    Any comments on perforance and rliability.

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    get a honda! my 05 r12x beat a yamaha gp yesterday. actually had 70 flashed on speedo!!

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    It is all in what you want, a straight line rocket or a really playful formula one type ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRINJAX View Post
    It is all in what you want, a straight line rocket or a really playful formula one type ski.
    I have to agree to a point. It depends on how and what type of riding you do. Do you like modifying and working on stuff? Are you after fuel mileage? The GPR can be set-up to be a fast runner or a F1 turner it all depends on set-up the GPR is the most tuneable hull ever made. The Honda is very reliable as is any brand with the proper maintenance.

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