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    JetWorks Flow Control Valve Install on a 96XP

    Does anyone know which water line and where to install a Jetworks flow control valve on a 96xp?

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    It depends, are you using a stock pipe or an after market pipe? A stock pipe it takes place of the water regulator and you get the water from the line that feeds the water reg. An after market pipe may have a stinger fitting and it goes there and you plug the water box. BTW, you still need to run the water line to the mid pipe to keep your couplers cool.

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    It is a stock pipe. If I am understanding you right I can remove the rave valve on the waterbaox and put the jet works flow valve in it's place?

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    Yes, but you want to continue to feed the mid pipe water. Its the black hose that comes out of the waterbox regulator.

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