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    1996 WaveRaider 1100 looking for multi function display

    New ones are way to expensive on my budget, Does anyone have a used one for sale?
    I think the 96 waveventure is the samething but not sure.
    Lots of good reading here.....Glad I found this place

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    I believe that all the gauges on 95 - 97 701, 760 and 1100 Wave Ventures are all the same. I think the Raider 1100 also have the same gauge.

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    Multi Function Display

    Thanks for the response but I believe the RA700 and the RA1100 are very different.

    The tachometer can't be the same for a two cylinder 700 compared to the 1100 three cylinder unless there's some way to adjust it between the two. I have a 700 two cylinder Multi Function Desplay on it now and the tach pegs out when the three cyl 1100 engine reaches about 3000 rpm, Also I believe the 1100 has a speedometer and my 700 MFD don't.

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    I don't know what the RA700 has, but I thought it was only something like an oil level. That one is not the "multifunction" display. The multifunction displays do *not* have a tach reading, they only have the speed. In general for most tachs (but not all), it only needs to read from one pulse (cylinder), so it doesn't matter how many cylinders you have. Unless it only reads from a single "coil", would it need to do any division.

    One of my friends has the RA1100 and just got a display from a Wave Venture and says it works fine.

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