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    1999 GSX RFI vs 2000 RX DI Which?

    Which machine has fewer engine problems? I am considering getting one of them.
    What is the difference in ride.

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    Owned them both.

    The RFI seemed to be much more reliable. I ran the heck out of mine. It was hydrolocked twice. Cleared the water from the cylinders and it fired back up everytime. Had over 140HRS on it when I sold it. Ran like a top. Not very powerful or fast, good for anyone to jump on and ride.

    The My RX DI had plenty of power and speed! It sipped fuel for being a 951. Very stable hull design. Great for jumping waves / goofing off on. Only thing is they are known for burning up top ends due to they run so lean. Mine had injector issues and when it starts running funny they are a PITA to diagnose without having B.U.D.S Software.

    If you want a good reliable ski to go cruise on go with the RFI.
    If you want more speed and a all around better hull design for performance, go with the DI. Just be prepared to do your research on fixing it if you ever have issues

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