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    Call me crazy w/ this Raider

    Alright, so I'm going to tackle this shorter pro-tec ride plate on Saturday. Call me crazy for installing a shorter ride plate on a Raider 760 that get's used in chop some times but to me it's worth a shot. Also going to install the extended nozzle from pro-tec as well.

    Really hoping that I squeeze out the performance gains w/ these additions. Thanks for the help salty on your last response a while back. Although I love ocean riding here in South Florida if this plate can give me some more top speed I'll be looking for some more lakes (without those gators

    Thanks guys and glad I found this forum. Trying to hold on to the 'ol Raider as long as I can cause she's in great condition after a rebuild about two years ago. I know it was overpriced but Riva put her back together since I only live about 10 minutes from them. I'll report back with my findings next week.

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    I'd be interested in seeing the results as well.

    Good luck with the testing!

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    Good luck on the Raider. I have one myself....Ride in chop all of the time with a short plate....U tend to skip alot, but no prob. My raider loves it when the nose is pointed up wind and going against the rough of the Atlantic ocean. she just skips....jump....clear about 2 or 3 waves....and then repeat....The bigger bikes have a problem of keeping up. The Raider is really a bike for one i say, it is a "Wild Out Bike".

    Enjoy....Good luck....

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