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    NEED HELP (2) polaris virage jetskis and trailer 4sale

    Ok ive had these damn things for a while cant get anyone to fix them and when i do they try screwing me and the city came by the other day and gave me a 30day time limit to clean up around the lot next door where i have them parked or i get fined 100 buck a week if i dont I NEED TO SELL THEM they here the deal on them ill copy and past what i have on my craigslist posting im located Ardmore Oklahoma 73401:

    I have 2 2002 virage polaris with trailer for sale im tired of looking at them and don't have the money or the time to fix them and i cant trust the local dealerships to fix them here, I took them to a guy on Lake Texhoma to fix them he said he would do it but was so backed up, it took a full year just to even look at them so i took them to Jones Powersports and got screwed big time on them he ended up putting 6k worth of parts on them NOT BECAUSE THEY NEEDED IT the reason he did it was cause he has all these new parts he cant get rid of them and he tried to stick me with them after a year of him having them he said if i wasent going to pay the 6k he was going to keep them and i refused then ended up finding a guy that knew what he was going and was honest i just asked him to look at them and tell me what is wrong with them and heres whats wrong with each of them:

    The TXI which is the gold one in the picture needs a new emm dont know what that is nor do i know how much it is.
    The TI which is the red one needs a stator and a cbi it shows it has ALOT of hours on it but it actually has less them 30 actual running hours on it but when i took it to jones power sport he took the battery out and for some reason messed the hours up dont ask me why or how cause i dont know

    they both ran when jones power sport had them but wouldn't stay running for more then 10mins the motors are clean and well taken care of and both have under 40 hours on them they both have good compression and they look nice the seats on the other hand are weather rotted but i can replace that before you buy them

    im selling them ASIS due to the fact they DON'T RUN im selling them for what i paid for them which is $3500 im not going to lie to you and say they work im not saying they cant be fixed or is going to be cheap i just want to get them out of my hair and use the money to pay my tractor off im just tired of looking out my window and seeing them sit out there and waste. If your good at fixing them or know what your doing you could make some money off of them my friend had the same I ski as mine and he sold his this summer for 4k and sold it the 1st week he listed it.

    If you have any questions at all or need to know a little more info please email me [email protected] .com use the email please i work 2 jobs i work night shift threw out the week and do landscaping on the weekends The price is negotiable but i might be willing to do a trade on sumthing of the same value I do need a gooseneck flatbed trailer 18+ft long for my side jobs but dont want a older beat up POS or a newer model 4wheeler if you have something just let me know what and send a picture if you live close enough ill bring them to you anything over 100 miles you have to pay for gas.

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    I think I'd be willing to trade my 25' Gooseneck flatbed for them. It has been all gone thru. The bearing were repacked this year and all 4 brakes have been gone thru and are working. The wiring,break-away and lights were new 3 years ago. This is a heavy-duty International Brand trailer (14,000# rating) with a factory platform on the gooseneck rise. I used it to haul 2 pulling tractor totalling 10,000#. Only have one puller now and really have no use for it. The bed is in great shape. Has good tread on the tires,Drop down ramps. This trailer just came back from michigan this spring (500 miles) with 2 John Deere B's on it and 75 8" fence post on it. I have owned it for 8 years. I'm in Cedar Rapids,Ia.(780 miles) Sending you PM with phone # enclosed.

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