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    how do you clean a crankshaft: with what and how

    65U Yamaha 1200 CC non-pv. I am going to split the case this weekend and follow maint. manual to check for wear. The #3 piston/cylinder lost oil so I may need to clean the crankshaft and surrounding area. How do I do this and what do I clean it with?

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    If you aren't going to mess with the lower end, then you can put some mystery oil in the bottom of the crank and use those blue paperish towels from the hardware store to cycle through there and pick up/take out as much metal debris as you can. You will need to do this multiple times.

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    One of my friends has a part washer/dunk tank with solvent. I took my crankshaft over to his place and used his dunk tank. It has a small pump and hose, so just pointed the hose at the areas where there was debris to remove all the loose pieces and broken piston parts. Relubed everything after I was done and it all seemed to be ok.

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