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    96 GSX still missing rpms......

    It has been almost a year now since i bought this ski and worked on restoring it, however it is still frustrating me so far i have done the following

    -cleaned rave valves (were previously turned upside down)
    -replaced all fuel lines and filters in carb and under fuel select switch.
    -aligned butterflies and throttle cable
    -replaced bellow on water regulator
    -high speed screw set all the way in (tried pulling in on choke a little while wot to see if engine was running lean, but not the case, it makes the engine bog as it should)
    -clipped plug wires, and put brand new plugs in
    -replaced rectifier

    The engine compression is 150 and 151

    Here is whats wrong:
    I took it out tonight and the ski general runs at 6600 rpms and 48 mph. Over a long stretch of smooth water the ski gradually works its way up to 6710 rpms and 51mph gps(glass water with the wind). Should the ski not jump straight to max rpms and not have to gradually increase by 10-20 to the 6710? It also does another werid thing, when your going wot it will do about 6100rpms for 15 seconds the just takes off to 6600 as if something pops open finally. I am not sure where to start. If it was the impeller or wear ring i would be bouncing off the rev limiter, which is not the case. There are no modifications to the ski(other than fuel lines) , it is completely stock. I am thinking maybe exhaust leak, but you can rid for hours and it will always hit 6600, wouldn't it get worse with an exhaust leak? Anyone have anywhere i can start looking? I appreciate the help! If you need anymore info let me know!


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    High speeds should be about 1/8th turn out...Are you running the OEM air intake box?

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    the airbox is still oem. I have always read the high speed screw is all the way in but i will definitely try opening up a little bit. Thanks for the reply!

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