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    2002 Polaris Virage TXI Overheating???

    Hi, I am new to this Forum. I have a 2002 Virage TXI and I am having problems with it getting to hot and then the check engine light comes on and the ski goes in to limp mode. I have taken it into the only dealer around me that has a computer to check engine codes. He tells me that the ski not really over heating but is just getting hotter than normal operation temps so the ski goes in to limp mode. I have had it in to him several times for the same reason and now he tells me he has no idea what is wrong with it and he has washed his hands with of it and don't bring it back. Can anyone help me out with this issue. I really have no idea what to check.

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    Did the dealer tell you what codes the EMM was reporting?

    In any case, you can read out the currently stored codes, so we have something to start from. Click my signature links, then find the Ficht section, and read about the LED tool for reading EMM trouble codes.

    In the meantime, remove the thermostat housing and check the thermostat for correct opening temperature in a pot of water on the stove. Slowly warm the water while watching the thermostat. Monitor what temperature it opens at (should be around 140-150F). Keep the thermometer tip off the bottom of the pot, so you get a more accurate temp reading. The thermostat can just roll around in the bottom of the pot while you wait for it to open.

    Also look for any signs of debris or clogs in the thermostat housing. Use a small mirror or digital camera to look up into the water manifold openings.

    Other things to check;
    Intake mesh screen inside the jet pump exit nozzle (right side of the nozzle)
    Kinked or squashed water hoses anywhere, but especially under and near the front of the engine, and near the battery.
    Check all the small water hoses - these cool the EMM computer module
    Remove and clean the water injection mesh screen on the exhaust manifold, and the flow orifice.

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    Thanks for the help! The dealer didn't tell me anything other then the ski was getting hotter than normal operating temps but not really that hot. I will call and ask him what codes it was reporting. I will check your links thanks.

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    i beleieve there was also an issue with the emm corroding inside,and or the supply line for it kinking and slowing down the water flow for it.

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