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    A success story to balance out the cries for help

    I thought I would come on here and thank all the people who post on green hulk

    My brother in law had a 97 gp1200 that had been submerged, repaired, winterized and sat in his back yard for many years. So he gave it to me for 300 dollars, not run in many years with a busted trailer, and unknown EVERYTHING. I have always wanted a PWC, but didn't have the means to get one. I have never worked on anything remotely mechanical, and figured for the price I could learn as I go - after all it was running when it was originally sat outside.

    Drained the fuel, oil, new battery, connected the battery, hit the start button, and melted the ground terminal off my battery before I could get it disconnected. Found a great mechanic who took off the stator cover, and had rusty water pour out. After that, the starter wouldn't turn. Replaced the starter, and the bendix would not engage. He wanted to take the engine out to replace the bendix, and after reading on here about many people who had greased it and freed it, I urged him to grease it and give it a try each morning. Couple days later it engaged!

    Display wasn't working, but dang it it ran! Put a tank of premix in there to do a break in (didn't know how many hours or condition) Took it out and couldn't get up on a plane. Read Green Hulk and figured out it was the carbs and sent them out to OSIDE Bill to get serviced. Good thing I premixed, because the oil line on #3 was off! Got them back, put them on, and nothing starts. Then after resetting, the starter WONT STOP spinning. Read on here about others with the problem, reset the computer, and my display started working again, and my starter is acting rational.

    Took it out to a lake here in Tallahassee, ran a tank through it, and everything looks, sounds, and acts great. Great holeshot, crisp throttle response. Bought a compression tester and have 110 across the board. I'm getting more confident everyday with what very little wrenching ability I have.

    Thanks GH

    btw what really helped me find information was to do advanced searches and search the titles, and not just type stuff into the box.

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    Awesome, enjoy your ski!

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    Hey there Bav803..

    Well done on the effort so far..

    Welcome also to the forum..

    Very good first post from you..
    I'm sure you'll learn most all you need to know as you go along..


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