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    FZS bucking questions.....possibly bucked with R&D Grate

    I just had a question regarding bucking on the FZS. I have 5.9 hours on my FZS and replaced the stock grate with the R&D grate. It is bone stock except for the grate. I recently had surgery on my ankle so a buddy of mine broke it in for me and now that the grate is on, he tested it out. He was going approx. 65 mph and let off the throttle for a small wave and then got back in the throttle as he hit another wave and the next thing he knows, he is flying off at a high speed. My buddy currently owns a 2003 FX140, so he is used to his slower ski that is VERY stable compared to the FZS. He isn't sure what happened....not sure if he was bucked or just wasn't used to the ski's nimbleness/unsturdiness.

    I am hoping/thinking that he was just inexperienced on the FZS and that is all that happened. Any ideas? Has anybody had a problem with the R&D Grate? I went out today and hit 67.7 on the GPS and no problems. I am just a little fearful of punching it on the top end and letting off the throttle fast.


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    Hey Chuck,
    I suspect and hope that the combination of cutting throttle and the wave impact may have been the culprit in this case; the FZ hulls are way more bouncy than my RXT's and they transmit a lot more shock to the rider compared to the Sea-Doos; you have to get used to it. Based on the owner feedback we are seeing, the pump stuffing with the stock grate that causes the bucking is not related to cutting the throttle or wave impact, it can happen in calm water when you least expect it. To be safe, get under there and make sure your new grate is seated properly and bolts are tight. If it happens again, let us know.

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