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    96xp rave valve question

    on a stock 96xp im rebuilding the rave valves all new parts they were leaking the question is how many turns out should the red threaded cap be turned out. I kind of remember someone saying 1-1/2 but i'm not sure.
    Thanks for the help

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    I would update those 96xp raves with the newer style raves with the slots in them, after you clean your raves leave the red caps flush with the top of the mushroom cap.

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    The manuals are all over the place on where to set the raves,try them up & then try them down,see what works best for you.

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    I just read on this as I am looking to fix my problems with my raves as well. Wish I keep the page open. But here is what it sad. "The adjustment knob (the red cap) should either be screwed all the way in or flush to the top of the black ring of the cap."

    I looked at mine and they are flush but I been having problems with mine since new motor They keep sticking and will not run over 3K rpms. If I take them a part and clean and put back I can run all day no problem but next day will not so have to take a part once more.

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