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    Hoping for help w/ MSX150 ECMreset w/o software

    A friend recently aquired a pair of MSX150s. Was able to repair expasion tank water leaks and get unit on water. Number 2 however has me puzzled. Voltage drop was around 9.2 V so Ifirst removed starter motor and inspected armeture and brushes. Surfaced armeture and now voltage is OK at 11.2V. Overfilled oil I suspect since oil was pumping out breather/seperator. I smelled burnt wiring and noticed IFB module had burnt corner. Initial complaint was boat started and ran fine if boat stayed running, if it died in the water would just crank until towed and put on trailer. Then it would start and repeat itself. Ater confirming IFB issue and replacing w/ known good unit different problems arose. Oil icon on meter is on and after running long enough on hose to set oil level check engine mil turned on. Double checked starter wire routing and connectors on harness and didnt see anything suspicious. Wondering if ECM just has stored codes that need reset or if ECM is reading actual failure. Learry of unplugging main relay while running as some Mfg.s recommend not unplugging components while powered up. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated as I'm not super familiar w/ Polaris ign. systems.

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    You are more likely to get a response if you post this in the Polaris MSX section, or the Polaris General section, rather than here.

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