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    MSX110/150 Oil Tank Team Tip?

    Today I came across an anomaly with the banjo bolt on top of the oil tank on an MSX110. The bolt was 30mm in length. If the banjo bolt is to long (greater than 25mm) it holds the oil stop valve in the open position regardless if the engine is running or not.
    The whole idea of this set up is in the event of a roll over the lack of oil pressure will shut the engine breather back to inlet line thereby not allowing oil to drain out of the storage tank.

    The part manual gives the banjo bolt the same part number (0451385) as the oil from cyclone return to block line as well so it seems no mix up there.

    Two of the three oil tanks I checked today had a 30mm bolt installed. It looks like there may be some over length banjo bolts in circulation. This of course will never be a problem if you don't roll the craft over.

    Disclaimer: There is an upgraded tank available that does away with the oil stop valve system and relies on a catch tank with baffles and a return to sump line to take care of the engine breathing business.
    My guess this became available because the oil stop valve could not react quickly enough in a tipping situation (feasible) and / or there were some that would not have ever worked because of an incorrect length banjo bolt?

    Thoughts? confirmations?
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