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I have an intercooler temperature sensor waiting for a new aftermarket intercooler.
See pic it current is attached to the fuel pressure sensor.While it was sitting there I thought I would do some brief test on hull temps.

Simple test for an FZ...
Run in standard configuration
Then run without the FZ rear bucket
Final run without FZ bucket or rear seat.

Temps are mainly in degrees Celsius and outside air temp was approx 16. Tests concluded over 1 hour in similar conditions.
Each test was a ten minute run between 5800 and 7000 revs - 55 to 65 mph.

Standard config
Engine Temp 87.7 ICooler 45.7 Hull temp 37.1 (98.8F)

Remove rear FZ bucket
Engine Temp 89.7 ICooler 45.2 Hull temp 35.8 (96.4F)

Remove rear bucket and rear seat
Engine Temp 82.2 ICooler 50.8 Hull temp 31 (87.8F)

My last run was probably a bit harder as my IC temps were up but it was certainly the coolest way to run. I run the JD air intake (fitted to front cowl) so hull temps should not have effected air intake temps. Am not sure why engine temps were lower.

Taking the rear bucket helped to a very small degree. I will end up leaving it in.

I will try adding two or three flow rites to the rear and using washers to raise the rear seat frame.
I would like to open up one sides cowl (just below the hood black and chrome part) to get fresh air in... like Jerry did in his FZ build but as I often ride in the ocean am cautious.

Assuming venting the hull lowers temps and gets rid of various fumes then I need suggestions on what has worked for others...