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    Ultra Warning sticker removal or not

    I have an ultra 250 and considering removing the huge caution/warning sticker from the back of ski. has anyone done this, was it difficult to remove? and more than anything were you pleased with the results?

    with my luck i'll remove and then regret having removed the pretty warning stickers.

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    i did and it took hours even used a heat gun kind of put me off removing the rest, the one on the glove compartment come off alot easier

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    Use hair dryer and pull slowly. You won't regret it.

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    +1 use heat, take your time. it's fugly, needs to come off. mine left behind a lot of the glue, so lots of rubbing wiith goof off or similar.

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    Use a hair dryer, goof off and alot of patients. On you will end up with blisters on your fingers.

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    I used a heat gun and removed ALL the stickers on my ski. I think it looks a lot cleaner without any stickers. specially the big warning one in the back

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    get the big erasure wheel that goes in your drill. I think they call them pinstripe removal tool. 3M among others make them. Best thing ever, used it to remove pinstripe from my sea ray and all the stickers from my yamaha. Best $15 i ever spent

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    Removed some of my stickers with blow dryer and, some ppl will not like this, but ace lube for the glue, Comes right off. Now, some will say it fukes up the clear coat, but no it does not as I went directly with a rubbing compound wax which keeps the clearcoat well preserved. Old car painting trick!

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    thank you for the replies, i went ahead and removed sticker. about 2 hour of solid manual labor but pleased with results. i used what i had of nail polish remover, bug tar remover, windex, and finally wax. sticker peeled right off in about 10 solid minutes with aid from the hair dryer. there was a point middway where i didnt think id be able to get the job done. but all good and was what i wanted

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    dont use nail polish remover... Goof off is much safer.

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