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    Possible blown headgasket... RXP 2004

    Hi guys, im from denmark so please, sorry for any bad english!

    Ive had a problem with my RXP, the carbon ring around the propulsion thing had blown so my rxp took in water all the way to the top of the engine compartment, and also filled up the cylinders with saltwater, idiot as i was i tryied to start it.. And now i fixed up everything at the ski runs wierd, but somtimes fine!

    I fill up with the oil, and about 10 mins after, the ski comes asking for more oil again.. Im thinking that when i tryied to start the ski with water in the cylinders it has blown the headgasket.. Because when i take the ski up of the water, the water that comes from the exhaust makes that "rainbow" looking thing in the water, like if you put oil og gas into water....

    Can i be right?

    If so, i will rip off my head, IS there anything i should be aware off? ive only done 4-5 headgasket on cars, never on a jetski.. How do i line up the crankshaft with the camshaft? The danish seadoo dealer is to far from me and it would be to expensive at the moment... So im gonna have to do it myself...

    Thanks in advance

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    If you tried to start it with water in the cylinders you may have bent rods and all sorts...

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    Cool .....

    Found the error...

    Where the driive shaft goes into the engine block, theres a ballbearing that are lubricated from the engine oil... Is does not appear on any drawings in the Part Catalog, so i didnt know it was there... When i pulled out the driveshaft it must have fallen down under the engine... An when i put my driveshaft back in the oil could just run out there... Unfortunatly i first dicovered this bearing after i took out the engine out to change the head gasket But im happy it just is this

    The problem is properbly fixed now i put the ski back together tomorrow and put it in some water... hope it works...

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