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    $3K-4K to spend. What's the best ski for the money?

    Looking for some insight for my sister. She wants to buy a used ski and I am trying to help her out.

    She is definitely interested in a low maintainence, fuel efficient, relaible ski. For example, she wouldn't want my Ultra 260X due to the speed and performance and compexity of an intercooled supercharged engine. I am leaning towards a non supercharged Kawasaki or a Yamaha. She would ride on weekends at the Jersey shore(saltwater) and probably store it on a jet port. Proably wouldn't be in the rough stuff too much and a top speed of 45-50 mph would suit her fine. She would probably be riding most of the time with two people, total weight about 340 lbs.

    I would think a 4 stroke as well would suit her better.

    Any thoughts?

    Best Regards,


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    Sounds good to me; plenty of them out there, just find one with an extended warranty and go for it. For the girls, it will probably come down to color anyway; most of them don't care about all that engine crap...

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    she could easily find a used NA 4 tec, they use the closed loop cooling system and she would not have to worry much about corrosion in the engine. there is still some other maint, to do but its the same with all skis, the naturally aspirated rotax engines are bomb proof and will last her hundreds or hours.

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    a used VX seems nice to get.. lasts long an only a few maintenance needed.. mm just need to find a good looking one at 4k

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    The Kawi 15F is a great choice. It won't bore you to death after a couple of years either. You can find them used around $5k or less, if you keep an eye out. New ones are deeply discounted.

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    A Seadoo GTI or Yamaha VX, there has gotta be a reason those are the skis that most rental places use. Low maintenance, high abuse.

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    An older Kawi STX 12F/15F would do the trick as well. They tend to be very reliable and are a lot of fun as well. Plus she won't get smoked by the renters with one of them.

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    I agree with a STX 12/ 15F. The VX's really seem to hold up too. The rental place I go to in Puerto Rico has a few VX110's, I asked them what kind of maintenance they do and they guy looked at me puzzled.. He said they wash the engine every few days with the hose..??.. I assume he was talking about flushing the engine, and said they do oil changes but he didnt know how frequently.. Yikes.... I also see them tow the skis at least a half mile at like 40 mph twice a day and cant help but wonder if water's going into the cooling system.. Now that I think about it, those things are pretty damn tough.

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    The ski you are looking for is a Yamaha VX. Best ski I have ever owned.

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