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Thread: New york races?

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    New york races?

    Are there any major endurance races around the NY area? I have only heard of the Mark Hahn Race, LB2CAT and the Dana Point to Avalon race.

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    None that I know of. There used to be a few in NJ in 2006 & 2007. There are some closed course events in NY. I know one is in Rochester and other was in Syracuse, but I heard they were moving it to some where else in NY. Here's the promoter's website.

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    have not heard of any, however, a few guys online recently did a "race" around manhatten. somewhat informal from what i heard, maybe 6-8 guys. thats how it all starts though, look for Scott, or addicted, maybe you can hook up with them guys, and do some riding/racing. who knows, someday, NYC are can have some endurance races.
    if your serious about endurance racing, Mark Hahn 300 is a few months away, start preparing for it. longest continous race.

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