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    98 GTI Hard Starts - Not Keeping Prime??

    Hey there,

    I just ran through a buddies GTI, rebuilt the carb, cleaned out the fuel selector, replaced all the grey line amgost other stuff.

    I am pulling my hair out on this one.. The ski looses prime when it sits for over 60 seconds.
    Once it finally starts up it bogs and acts like its a about die, then comes to life and runs fine without an spuddering, bogging, stalling or anything wierd, at any speed including long idles.

    Here is what I have done...

    - Checked main fuel filter oring, even swapped the whole thing out with the one from mine
    - Checked that all hoses were run perfectly and tightened including pulse line
    - Ran the hose from the carb directly to the ON on the fuel sending unit
    - Tried both RES and ON
    - Put the return line in a cup of gas and saw when it is cranking that there are air bubbles coming out. Once running gas comes out.
    - Tripple checked all hose connections against how they were run in my GTI that was working pror to engine blowing up.

    Soooo... Your guess is as good as mine!

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    This is worth a shot: you have to figure out if the culprit is the fuel circuits or the carbs. You have to isolate one from the other, otherwise you may be there all night running in circles, like me! Plug the fuel line ends, and pressurize the system to a few psi and do a soap bubble test. The rest you know

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    Well nailed it down sorta.. After it sat all night, I went out to it to pull the carb and the hull has gas in it. It was leaking from what looked like the carb. Problem is, it leaked into manifold and topped it off! I am guessing the engine case is fillled with gas... Well now, this is an interesting one...

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    I am guessing the needle is the culprit here.. I didnt even look cause I had a rebuilt carb laying around and tossed it on. Of course first had to basicly turn the ski on its side to dump all the gas out of the cases. Wasn't too interested in blowing up today! All went well, ski runs great (as good as 720 GTI can)

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    Mine is doing the same thing! im going to rebulid the carb and hope for the best

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