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    Genesis Fuel consumption

    Hi Guys,

    I'm going to go out on a little adventure ride on Monday, and I was wondering what the actual fuel consumption was on a 1200 (carb) Genesis.

    I don't think fuel will be a problem... and I think there is a marina where I can get fuel at my destination... but I figure I would ask before setting out.

    I will be by myself, and looking around... so I won't be holding it wide open the entire time.


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    I don't know about the exact range of the Genesis while cruising, but here are some guidelines.

    Maximum cruise fuel economy tends to be in the 4000-5500RPM range, give or take. You need the hull fully on plane for best fuel consumption.

    The fuel tank holds about 17 US gallons (64 liters). Typically you want to only use the top 2/3 or maybe 3/4 of the tank capacity when planning a trip. That gives you about 12-13 gallons to work with.

    Many riders have strapped a spare fuel container onto the rear deck. Having the extra weight at the rear is better than having it forward.

    Do not store fuel containers inside the hull, as they could leak from the hull motions and create a dangerous condition (fire or explosion).

    Some have even crafted a rack system that holds one or several fuel containers. Look up PWC rack

    PWC rack made from plastic tubing

    Made from metal

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    Thanks for the input... and the links to the racks (very cool) but I don't have time to build one.

    I figured I would be riding round 70% power... at about 45 mph. I personally feel that is around the best consumption on that ski.

    Normally, I just take it to a lake, and we will play with it for a few hours, and only burn half a tank... but this is the first time I have a destination. I could drop into the water closer to the 3 rivers (the "point") But since the ride will be by myself... I thought it would be cool to drop into the water closer to where I live... and ride the 20 or so miles to where I'm meeting other people. (and where the baseball game will be going on)

    I've double checked, and there is a fuel dock about a mile up the Allegheny river... so, even though I would like to know what the WOT fuel consumption is... I know I can tank up, and get back safe.

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    WOT fuel consumption ratings are posted around here somewhere.

    WOT is the only fuel consumption rating posted by most manufacturers.

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