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    Newb this normal hull wear?

    First post but I have been lurking around these forms for over a year.

    Was checking the form to find out which grate everyone was using and noticed the few threads about the NanoXcel hull cracking or having abnormal wear.

    My FZS has 58 hours and its just over a year old. It is just used on two different lakes and has been beached a handful of times. And when I say beached I do not mean flying up to the beach turning power off and sliding up, I power down and get off about three feet out and pull it the rest of the way in. I figured the way it looked underneath was normal until I started seeing those threads, especially BrownGhost thread. I do not have any cracks etc so just being cautious and hopefully over reacting.

    It ran into a sand bank once at about 25 mph when I first got it, and there is a scratch from letting a friend try to drive it up on the trailer...I now anchor it instead of beaching.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    my opinion is yes it is normal based on what your post said

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    buying a keelguard will eliminate 90% of that hull damage and stop it getting any worse they are available in the states and in various colours

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    Problem is the Nanoxcel material is white/grey with a thin coat of black paint on the outside. Just a shallow scratch will be through the paint, and the white material underneath shows like crazy against the black paint. My FXHO hull looks the same. The Keelguard is a good idea, but you may what to check with someone that has applied it to a FZS hull. When I contacted them, they listed that model as a potential problem with the application of the Keelguard material due to the hull design. Yamaha could help matters if the would dye the Nanoxcel material black. Then the scratches would not be nearly as noticeable.

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    Thanks for the answers.

    I was going to put a keel guard on when I first purchased the fzs but after reading (Newer generation Personal Watercraft with exotic hull designs, make attaching a keel protector very challenging. The complex curves and contours make it almost impossible to achieve a full-surface bond. We do not recommend installing nor can we warrant these type of applications. Older style hulls that are rounded or V shaped, work very well with the KeelGuard.) from Megaware's site and looking at the hull I figured it would not bond correctly.

    And now that Ernest has confirmed that this model could be a problem. The next question would be has anyone actually installed a keel guard on a FZ ? Or should I just not worry about it.

    Not going to be beaching it anymore...

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    i agree mine has never been beached as such. just rested at the edge of our lake which is a bit stoney. mine has 120 hours and looks just like yours.... welcome to the forum by the way.......

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