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    SL 700 rebuild after PTO burndown. Lots of pictures and questions

    This is my first domestic rebuild. I have done about 5 of the Fuji engines, so I will need any advise you can give.

    A little History. I purchased this SL 700 two weeks ago and was told the carbs had been rebuilt and all it needed was a head o-ring to fix a leak. WRONG!!! I burned down the PTO piston first time out.

    Here is what I found during the tear down.

    1. The exhaust port on the PTO was very clean and the Mag had oil in it. Indicates to me a lean condition or oil pump malfunction.

    2. The diaphragms on the carbs were stretched out.

    3. Mag seems to have good wash (see picture)

    4 Tempo lines still on the carbs

    here is what I have ordered, and plan to do.

    1. I ordered a piston/ring set, all the gaskets, and carb kits.

    2. Rebuild the carbs and set slightly richer that factory.

    3 Replace the piston

    4 Convert to premix ( I just like that)

    5. Try and have some fun.


    1. Look at the jug picture below. I honed out the jug with my stones and you can slightly see some scoring. Will this work?

    2. Is this common for the PTO to do this, or was I just lazy in checking everything out?

    3. Is the diameter of the Jug specs listed in the Shop manual? I guess what I mean is how far can i hone before a STD piston and rings will not work.

    This is a really clean ski and would love to get it running again.
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    i would add replacing the fuel lines to the list.

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    I cannot believe I forgot that. I am going to do that for sure.

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    Slight sidetrack, but are you the one that just rebuilt/restored a Glastron?

    I think I remember seeing you on iBoats....

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    yes sir, that is me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by friscoboater View Post
    yes sir, that is me.
    Haha. I know Keith (Poor Man's Skiboat). I'm usually on his boat on the weekends that I don't have a running ski. I remember him talking about you getting a fuji-engined polaris.

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    The 750 I first got runs great.

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    i got a block off plate and a few domestic parts let me know what you need

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    How about some more history?

    When purchased, what was the reason you were told that it needed a new 0-ring? It looks like it took on water.
    Look at that rod.... big time heat.
    The cylinder ports look to have very little chamfer. (hard to tell by the pics, but)
    I would definately inspect/check the lower end and crank before just slamming a piston at it.
    Major malfunction going on in there and it doesn't appear to be just a lack of fuel/oil.
    Just my opinion of course.

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    The o ring was not on that jug, it was on the mag. The carbs are clogged, and you can see from the exhaust ports that the fuel delivery was not there.

    What other major malfunction could have happend? Does chamfering the ports make it less likely to tear off a ring?

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