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Thread: The Grand Tour

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    The Grand Tour

    Hey everybody, I'm sorry I didn't give you all much of a chance to look into the Grand Tour this year but it was August 12 thru the 14th. It was a great time. We raised over 16000 dollars for the Leader Dog School for the Blind and thanks to all who attended it. Next years dates have been set and it will be the 14th annual Grand Tour on August 11th thru the 13th. We are always looking for new riders and our returning riders to come join us. 350 miles on Lake Michigan is an experience you and your body will never forget. The website is and this is for a great cause. I've been doing this event since 1999 when I bought my SLTX and it is still the fastest 2 stroke on rough waters so if anyone wants to take me one and get bragging rights bring it on and lets have some fun. This is what I live for, beautiful scenery, pounding waves, all out wide open riding for miles. Check us out and join us IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT.


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    $500 rider participation fee! you have to be kidding...who's got that kind of spending cash to drop plus all fuel and lodging expenses? Thats about a $1K weekend.

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    It is a little expensive but the entry fee I get from donations. 500 is the minimum raised in donations. And it really isn't hard to get. People do open their wallets when you tell them what you are doing it for especially animal lovers. then I split a room with someone so theres 750 dollars I save. Plus everything is tax deductable.

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