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    Turbo? Better than super?

    Hi - I'm super noob with the PWC business. I've been looking into getting a pwc lately. I notice some of you with turbo chargers. Are you taking off your superchargers and replacing them with turbos? Am I wrong when I thought the superchargers provided more benefit?

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    If your looking for the absolute most power a turbo is the way to go in my opinion. However there are many things to consider when going the turbo route. I have a turbo setup on my ski and it although makes a great deal of power up top in the RPM I'm lacking allot of the things like custom computer setups like a Motec/Rotax Racing Engine Management System to get rid of the lower RPM lag. Having the right size turbo also helps with this problem too. There are many other +/- to turbos on ski like the small space and the heat they generate which some water jacketed kits help to relieve but cost a pretty penny. On the other hand the Superchargers they have out now are pretty mean and make good boost numbers but clutch slip becomes more of a factor the bigger you go. There are quite a few guys on here much better suited to explain in detail the superchargers. Ive always know that a CORRECTLY setup turbo system on anything will always make more power then supercharged setups due to the power required to make power is less on a turbo. Just my thinking on this there are other threads on here im sure if you searched you could find.

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    welcome to the forum.
    If you're a noob I would recommend sticking with what you have, turbos are not just a plug and play, there are thousands of dollars invested on a kit and endless hours tuning the fuel mixtures, re-pitching props and such. Turbos are not something a normal rec rider should look into. Its serious business.

    Superchargers also have their pro's and con's just like a turbo, but a turbo creates more boost and more boost equals more power!

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    I see, more power. I was just curious. I don't plan on upgrading any ski I get unless it's just home mods with benefit/no risk. I'd just be a rec rider and maybe try to get into wakeboarding.

    Question - if i end up getting a supercharged model (i'm looking at a 07 gtx), and the supercharger has been rebuilt with an 08 kit (as the seller calls it), with the new bearings, metal washers, etc, will I still have to worry about it blowing up? I heard about SC's blowing up.

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    they blow up if the person rebuilding the charger did not did it properly.
    you must completely rebuild the charger no matter what year every 100 hours, and by that I mean everything, bearings seals, etc. Not just the washers.

    you also have to keep your ski from becoming unhooked out of the water when the ski becomes hooked again the supercharger clutches take a good beating, same thing when you snap the throttle shut from a WOT run. Just remember let the wheel spool down slowly.

    last but not least dont let ANYONE borrow your ski, I might sound like a dick to my friends but I wont let them ride my ski.
    my brother gouged my ski yesterday onto the corner of my trailer, OUCH! yeah from now on not even family will ride my ski.

    Rule of thumb that I tell my friends, "You cant afford paying to repair my ski" and thats the pure truth!!

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