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    New throttle lever and MFD

    Hey all,

    Posted several times before. I got a 96 SL 700 almost two months ago and it seems to be running real good after all the changes I've done. Someone's suggestion to use a yoga mat for replacement mats was great. I got a danksin one that matches the blue perfectly and only cost $15. Still need to lower the idle or the low speed screw as I was "idling" under bridges faster than the coast guard auxilary boat. Not sure what coast they were guarding policing a lake though.

    Got a couple questions though. The half-sized throttle is hard on my thumb and was wondering if I could change it out for a longer one and more like a motorcycle's that's in front of the handlebar?

    Also, while I got my fuel gauge to work, is there a MFD I can put on this model that will tell me RPMs, speed and whatnot?

    Thanks in advance for any responses!

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    You can change to a finger throttle. There are a few ways to do the change. I think some have used a Kawasaki stand-up throttle lever, others have used aftermarket or motorcycle.

    You may even be able to rotate the existing throttle around. I think there is a plastic pin that holds the OEM throttle in position, you will see it when you take it off.

    Regarding the MFD display, you can add one. You will need the wire harness that runs from the MFD back to the electrical box, and the actual MFD of course. If you can find room to mount it, you can even use the larger MFI display from a Virage or Genesis.

    More MFD info can be found in my signature links.

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    Here is the WPS part numbers that you will need. 18-2850(Trigger throttle) and 18-2325(finger throttle adapter) I believe it is like K447 said for a Kawasaki ski just not sure which one. This is the set up I used on my 2000 pro785 but should work for almost all Polaris sl-slt-slx ski's

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    Thanks for the info on a replacement throttle. I turned it around to the front as suggested, but it doesn't fit snug in the padding like it used to. I haven't had a chance to drive it like this, so who knows if I"ll like it better. Just know where it sits in my palm near my thumb is not real comfortable.

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