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    Does your FZ hulled boat spray you in the face?

    I rode my new FZS in the gulf for the first time and I was surprised by the amount of water that was coming over the bow. I was not getting just a light splash. It was shooting a wall of water across the whole bow whenever I came off a wave and hit the next one. I don't see spray deflectors on the race boats so I'm thinking there is some trim or rider position that minimizes this. Any ideas?

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    Not really. I'd go with a spray deflector. Jettrim makes some really cool ones; I like the one with the flames. I had this one on my XLL, it really helped when riding offshore. I'll be putting one on my new project.

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    Do you perfer riding sitting down or standing could put the trim up one maybe two but you won't stay "hooked up" well in the chop and will porpoise all over...

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