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    Angry polaris Genesis I flywheel problems

    I have a Genesis which I am having problems with! I had a problem of low voltage code thrown up which when I removed the flywheel I found all the magnets burst and the stator windings broken. I replaced the stator and the flywheel and it appeared to start ok. Ran it over the weekend and a few issues have arisen, one of which was a low voltage code 17. removed the flywheel and to my horror the new flywheel magnets have broken but not damaged the stator. I cannot see anywhere that the magnets have been catching and I cleaned out the casing pretty thoroughly last time because of all the bits of magnets, I have checked the keyway and the taper and it is pretty hard to get the flywheel out of line, or is it? does anyone know of this problem. I don't want to buy another flywheel and find it broken again after 4 hours running!! K447 any ideas. ps still trying to sort out the EMM!! ski is pretty shattered considering it has only done 39.5 hours to date!!

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    Did it run properly with the replacement flywheel, for a while?

    The six magnet flywheels are known to have the magnets come loose (adhesive failure). You may simply have installed a replacement flywheel that was ready to let its magnets go.

    The newer 12 magnet flywheels don't have that problem, and are an upgrade from the six magnet version. Part numbers can be found in my signature links under Ficht.

    I would install a 12 magnet flywheel (which came stock on the MSX 140 Ficht engine), and then carefully check the flywheel for run-out. Dry install and torque the flywheel in place, then hand rotate the engine with the spark plugs out.

    Look for signs of a bent or wobbly flywheel crank snout, or the flywheel not sitting squarely onto the shaft taper.

    Once you are sure everything is as it should be, remove the flywheel, apply Loctite, and re-install. Red Loctite on the taper, Blue Loctite on the shaft/nut threads.

    After torquing the nut, recheck the run-out.

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    Yes it appeared to run fine the only reason I checked it was that I was getting a fault code 17 below expected voltage range which had happened previously with the first flywheel. I have set up the DTI on the flywheel and rotated it and I don't think it is running off line. If the end of the crank was bent wouldn't it destroy the plastic oil pump drive? Could too much heat build up in the Magneto cause the problem? I know there is a water jacket to the front of the crankcase but could this be because the magneto generates heat? There do not appear to be any markings on the flywheel outside but obviously 3 of the magnets are damaged/Cracked the stator windings don't appear damaged other than a very slight scar on the top plate of 2 next to each other.

    All help gratefully received

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