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Thread: Coming off WOT

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    Coming off WOT

    Whats up guys.

    I was out with the ski yesterday and when i would do a full throttle run and then let of the throttle, the RPMs came down to about 4000 and stayed there for a second or two and then continue down to idle.

    Is that normal.

    Its an 03 GP1300r

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    Thats the off throttle steering. rpm seem kinda high. I think there was a throttle cable re-call on this model...check w/ dealer

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    sounds like you mauy have the same problem as me and some others by what i read this was posted on another thread maybe it what you need also

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    Thanks guys for the input.

    I forgot about the recall... I'm gonna call the dealer and see if it was already done...

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    thats normal on EFIs

    and be careful chopping the throttle at wide open, it can overstuff

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