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    waterbox mod question.

    As you may have read in a previous post i'm having issues starting my ski. Whilst its sitting in pieces I thought it be an idea to mod my box and swap out my s/c washers (even tho they look fine).

    The question is, the intructions on this site on cutting and drilling the baffles out, apart from releasing some revs and more noise, is there any problems that can occur with this setup. I only ride in the sea and I play on heavy surf?!

    i'm running a riva rear exit aswell

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    Well, its arguable that water can travel into your engine a lot easier in certain situations, but I haven't heard of it being a major problem for anyone... But in all honesty, will it give you any real gains? Sometimes things are better off stock if reliability is very important to you..

    I'd probably do a full SC rebuild if you're doing the clutch washers, just saves you doubling up on handling the SC at a later date, but thats in a perfect world.... But I guess if you have bugger all hours on the SC it should be fine...

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    If you cut and shorten your box it will make future removal of the SC easier. As far as performance goes you will see nothing just more sound.

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    I dont believe the part about the water coming back easier, it would do the same stock or not, but thats why the J pipe is for.

    mod the box, it will sound much much better, trust me!

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    Leave it stock length...Make the internal outlet FLUSH...and drilla 5" hole on the baffle...Thats the best flowing setup you can have with it...Shortening it will change the water pattern inside, and possibly caus a dry spot and burn through if not done right.

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